Night Curtains

Night Curtains

Normal, Dim out and Black out Curtains

Night curtains are often paired with day curtains as they provided optimum privacy and light control. They are made with heavier fabrics to block out light and absorb sound. As such, they are ideal for living room, bedrooms and lounges, and any other rooms where darkness is desired.

It is an energy saver as curtains provide cooling for the room. Curtains provide an ambience in the room. After a long tiring day out and you walk in home, you need to feel the warmth and comfort. You room color scheme aligned with curtains play a major role to provide a soothing effect.

Curtains come in three distinct categories:

Made of a single layer of opaque fabric, normal night curtains blocks out from 50% – 60% of the sunlight and offers full privacy when drawn.

Dim Out
Made of triple layers with a black layer of fabric in between, dim-out curtains blocks out 75% to 90% of sunlight. They are more affordable and require lesser maintenance as compared to blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains block off 100% of sunlight and create complete darkness. They are highly recommended for people who suffer from insomnia and infants/young children to encourage good sleeping habits. Blackout curtains are also used for home theater systems.

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