Balcony Decking

The most sought after outdoor flooring; composite decking and timber decking, each to its’ own unique touches, you can freely touch and feel the difference between the two of them to see which you prefer.

Of course, there are pros and cons to them. Read more in the blog to see which suits your outdoor space best. 


We offer a wide array of selections from sheer curtains (also commonly known as sheer curtains) to dim-out curtains to night curtains and the latest addition to our catalogue, smart curtains where you can easily operate the opening and closing of blinds from your phone.

Recommended to view samples on site to pair with your house theme and bringing out the final exquisite touches to your home.

Indoor Blinds

Being the first product we started with 14 years since Meridian Curtains and Furnishings establishment, popular blinds such as rainbow blinds (also known as korea blinds/ privacy blinds), venetian blinds (polystyrene and timber), indoor blinds are still highly used in housings.  

Invisible grilles

Highly customizable to suit individual needs, our invisible grille is made of 316 Stainless Steel.

Low Maintenance, Fuss-Free

Customizable Height and Width,

Customizable Gap Intervals

We offer a 5 years warranty for this too!


As technology advances, so do we. We offer outdoor solutions such as ZipTrack, which can help in regulating airflow at the same time minimally trapping your aircon in while you leave your balcony doors/ windows opened. With UV and rain protection, these features are further complemented by the accessibility of operating from your phone, even while you’re out! 

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